1. Ricardo Brown says

    I had a similar problem with my mother and her boyfriend, who served time in the military. He had a bunch of friends who passed away. Being that, he also accumulated a lot of memorabilia from his fallen comrades. I suggested that he clean the place once, but gave me a look that I won’t forget.
    Shortly thereafter, during a small stint at a reunion for fallen soilders, I called for the services of Jux Los Angeles, a garage and attic cleaning / reorganization company, based in southern california. My mother’s boyfriend wasn’t pleased with what I had done at first. As a week passed by since the renovation, much to his chagrin, he had to tell me that the place looked so different and that now, he has a place where he can honor his brothers and sisters; in his garage ( I made it extra special and hung up some uniforms his comrades wore on the garage walls…)

  2. Doug says

    Agree with everything here. Especially like the tip of using plastic bins instead of cardboard… makes sense. Good tips, and overall nice blog with your other organization/productivity posts as well!

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